What is the Community Carpark Safety Program? 

Potholes and carpark failures pose a significant risk to local schools, businesses, and organisations. Through our Community Carpark Safety Program, we aim to address this issue head-on by redeploying unused asphalt mix and donating it to carparks in need of repair. By doing so, we’re not only enhancing safety but also reducing asphalt waste, making a positive impact on both the environment and the community.

Damaged Carpark

MR Roads Founders Hit AUD 13 Million Revenue Milestone in First Year


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    From a pothole repair to large-scale infrastructure, you need a partner you can trust.
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    Experience the MR Roads difference — an intensely relentless client-focused partner completely dedicated to your success.

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    Engage the MR Roads team and fleet to cart asphalt and materials.


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    Resurface roads with high-quality spray seal. 


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    Paving crews, maintenance crews, site supervisors, foremen and more.


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    MR Roads’ extensive fleet extends to Flocons for small works.



    MR Roads owns and operates a profiling fleet that endeavours to recycle eligible materials.


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    Engage MR Roads to complete the entirety of your project.

    Trusted by the biggest players in the industry. This is why.

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    From initial conversations, and project planning to execution. The process starts with your objectives being understood and mapped first and ends with aftersales care that’s a step above. MR Roads has built a reputation as the industry’s best.


    Try different. You’ll find a commercial partner who’s highly competent and motivated for client success first. The working relationship you build with MR Roads will mean you never look back.

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    Results that speak for themselves. Amongst the fastest growing 8-figure companies in Australia 2022/2023. Find out what we mean when we say results speak for themselves.





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    Proven experience

    Southport Carpark

    The MR Roads team considered our smiling clients a real success with this project. A 25,000 sqm carpark laid in Southport and delivered with high-quality service.

    Collaboration with Cross River Rail

    MR Roads is the partner of choice for full-service roadworks as part of Brisbane’s exciting new Cross River Rail project.

    7000 Tonnes completed for BP

    We recently completed 7000 tonne of profiling and asphalt across 8 BP Service Stations.


    MR Roads is a leading service provider in the roads and asphalt industry and is depended on by some of Queensland’s best. From humble beginnings, James and Dan have executed a concept that has shaken the landscape within the industry.

    MR Roads was born with a focus so intense, the outcome has been nothing short of astounding. With a valued team, many of whom own shares in the business, they represent MR as if it’s their own. It’s our team that sets us apart from the rest.

    Partner with MR Roads, and your success is our success. Join the next generation of Australian construction. MR Roads is the name on everyone’s tongue. The new benchmark.

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